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Qwordle(Quordle) game

Play Qwordle online - the popular version of the Wordle game, in which four words are hidden at once. It may seem strange and complicated, but it is actually very exciting. If you're tired of playing the classic version, or if it's too easy for you, then the quad-field version is just what you need.


How to play Qwordle?

1. You see four playing fields in front of you. Each of them contains one word, consisting of the same number of letters (from 4 to 6). Your goal is to guess all 4 words.

2. Enter any real word from the same number of letters using the virtual or regular keyboard. After entering the word, do not forget to press the Enter button.

3. All letters in all 4 fields have changed their color. If the letter turns green - you guessed right - it is in its place. If the letter turns yellow, it must be in a different place. If the letter is greyed out, the letter does not exist in the word.

4. Keep entering words. You will have 9 attempts to get as many clues as possible. The letters on the keyboard also change their color in quarters to make it easier for you to play.

What is Worldw ?

Wordle is a word-guessing game that has become popular in Europe and America. It was developed by a software engineer named Josh Wardle who lives in Brooklyn, USA. The game was initially developed as a small experiment to please Josh Wardle's girlfriend, but it became popular among his friends and family, so he decided to release this puzzle game online.